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Visibility, brand awareness, credibility for your business


You can have the best company in the world, the most effective product, best service, but if you have targeted customers that you do not know… Then all your efforts will be in vain and your company is doomed to death.




The first challenge, make your business visible.

If I set the visibility before fame is that it is possible that you offer something innovative and, in this case, hardly anyone can know that it exists. So by discovering that, your customers will recognize your business.

If you have a business, is it in a crossroad or a dead end?

If you have an e-commerce, did you invested in the natural or paid search to pave the way for him?

If you are a service provider, do you have a storefront, or a web store, or are you a fan of direct marketing to not let chance decide your revenue?

Depending on your strategic choices of installation, and what actions have you implemented to that, after all, your business is visible and it has a chance to live?



Often equated with the word of mouth, reputation is not limited to a hypothetical wildfire.

When I study project feasibility, word of mouth is often the clinching argument of business strategy. Word of mouth is a powerful weapon if all the people who know your offer get up in the morning, tap on the forehead and say it will be important that they talk about you during the day to all people they will cross!

Fun and effective… To nullify all strategies based on word of mouth. The reputation is acquired with patience, work and strength visibility. It is double-edged. It can be known that your product range is of excellent quality. It can also be known that your customer service is deplorable. The technologies available today exacerbate all behaviors. And powder trails, the famous word of mouth, always spread a little faster when people are unhappy. Be attentive and responsive. Use what is said to improve your benefits.



For the balance of the reputation leans in your favor, it’s on your credibility that you are going to have to work.

It also acquires workforce. It is by becoming an absolute expert in what you are offer, taking care of all the details, your company and its offer is credible.

Who says credible, says trustworthy.

And in the times we live in, trust is a highly valuable data. And, no matter what industry you exercise and at what level range you position.

One who knows that your business exists, who knows how to find thanks to the care that you have brought to its visibility, should also be certain of what he will find.



Observe the fast food, including the best known of them, the one who changed the color of its green logo there a few years ago to track the movement of the green-attitude.

If you take any road, often you will drive less than an hour before discovering one on a billboard. Visibility!

You will not have then only to follow the thread that was tense. You know, year-round advertising messages are incessant. Reputation!

On your way home, you know exactly what you can expect: something to eat at any time of the day not a standardized junk food. They never claimed otherwise. Credibility!

Best of all, you may also be able to choose a salad, some apple wedges and organic dairy, this is for your good conscience.

For Your Business


In the questions I get, the notion of visibility is recurrent. Beyond the nod my illustration, the machine is oiled and formidable. There is no universal recipe. However, if you think your visibility more fully with the notions of reputation and credibility, in connection with your business and how you practice your craft, you’ll be able to find simple, pragmatic and effective way.

Get inspired by best practices!


It’s a job that will require you some step back to observe objectively the situation of your business. And your support for more global vision.


Albert Palacci is passionate about digital marketing, he also regularly writes for other blogs on topics about marketing.