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What is vitamin C serum and why you should be using it

The biggest difference between serum and cream is in its composition: while creams are based on natural oils, serums are mostly based on the water. Serums also contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin and ensure better absorption of the necessary elements.
Vitamin C serums transform 8 indicators of quality skin:
– Narrowed pores
– Smooth surface of the skin
– Renewed radiant complexion
– Milder signs of fatigue
– Rested face features
– Shine under control
– Removed pigmentation spots
– Soft skin
The unique combination of active ingredients nullifies the impact of lifestyle on the quality of the skin. A derivative of jasmonic acid has anti-aging molecules inspired by the natural renewal processes of jasmine. Accelerates the reconstruction of epidermis and enhances the natural defense mechanism of the skin.
This derivative is connected to a derivative of salicylic acid, which stimulates cell renewal of the tired skin. It also reduces the pigment flaws on the surface due to the effect of peeling. And finally, improving the quality of complexion by increasing the reflection of light from the skin surface.
If you are dealing with wrinkles you should definately try vitamin C serum. You can make homemade vitamin C serum yourself, just follow this diy vitamin C serum recipe ( diy vitamin C serum recipe ) and make your own quality and natural serum!