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What Are the Best Window Cleaning Products

It’s harder to clean windows than it looks. There are many products out there, but too many of them can leave lots of smears all over the place. It is especially hard to clean windows that face roads where lots of dirt and dust can be attracted. However, there are a few good options worth trying out when looking for the best window cleaning products for your home.

Can Microfibre Cloths Work?

A microfibre cloth can be a great window cleaning material to use. It contains dense fabrics that will not create lint or easily come off, They also take in moisture through a series of small pockets all around the fabric. The cloth can be used with some water and a small amount of traditional washing liquid. In many cases only one drop of this liquid is all that is necessity for it to take in enough substance.

Non-Antibacterial Liquids Are Best

While there are plenty of window cleaning products that are antibacterial, these are not always going to work as well. The problem with antibacterial products is that they tendency to leave streaks.

You are more likely to get a cleaner window with no streaks if you use a non-antibacterial liquid with clean water that does not contain any added chemicals that might leave streaks around your windows. When used with the right cloth, it will keep your windows clean and clear.

A Newspaper Can Work

Sometimes the best products for your cleaning needs can come to you in the morning. Specifically, your newspaper can be used in lieu of a cloth if you use vinegar with it. A newspaper is thin and will not leave off any bits that can stick onto your window. It can also quickly take in moisture.

It’s best to avoid anything that uses coloured ink though. These inks are not as efficient in taking in moisture and may be at risk of leaving streaks on your windows. Sometimes the colours from that ink can leak into the water you are using, thus making it harder for some items to be cleaned off.

The Best Recipe

The best solution among window cleaning products entails not a traditional window cleaner but rather detergent that you’d use in a dishwasher.

One of the best window cleaning products is not expensive products off the shelf but washing up liquid, Specifically, you can use half a teaspoon of washing up liquid and mix it with a quarter cup of white vinegar and two cups of water, for perfect results.

This is best applied onto your windows with a soft bristled scrubbing brush. You’ll need to make sure this is applied evenly on your windows and that you water them down before the soap dries out so you can avoid streaks. An extension pole needs to be used if you are cleaning above the ground floor.

Feel free to test out any of these window cleaning suggestions. You can always try to use one of them on just one window or even a corner of it if desired to give you an idea of what you require to make it work for any location around your home.