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What is Kundalini Yoga?

If you want to enlighten your life and awaken your seven chakras, the Kundalini Yoga is the right yoga as this simply offers you the best life journey for the fulfillment and satisfaction you’ve always aspire for.

The Kundalini yoga was actually brought by the Western people in the year of 1968 by none other than Yogi Bhajan. He found out that the 3HO is also known as the Healthy, Happy and Holy organization in Kundalini yoga.

Before this yoga was taught in some areas of India, this was passed down to the guru-student traditions. Despite of the fact that this yoga was not yet offered to the public, the Yoga Bhajan felt that people need to get this opportunity.

What Does the Kundalini Yoga Mean?

Kundalini yoga is an untapped energy at the base of the spine. This can also be drawn to the body to awaken the seven chakras. You may also get full enlightenment when this type of energy has reached the crown chakra on the top part of your head. This Kundalini energy is also represented as a snake coiled found at the bottom part of the spine.

What to Expect in Kundalini Yoga?       

The Kundalini yoga starts from a short chant to be followed with warm-up exercises. Then, you need to stretch your spine and enhance your flexibility. This yoga will end up with spiritual meditation. You will be accompanied by the yoga instructor who plays the large gong with a closing song.

If you want to be part of this yoga practice, you need to wear your head wraps and white clothing. But, you will not be required to wear such clothing. There are also kundalinis that make use of sheepskins and not yoga mats.

This is further recommended to separate your body from the magnetic pull of the Earth. But then, this is still believed to be optional.

Is Kundalini Yoga For You?

The Kundalini yoga is believed to be the most spiritual kind of yogas. It is usually beyond the asanas that puts emphasis on the chakras. These are opened by means of meditation, panayama, bandhas, mudras and chanting.

But then, the Kundalini kriyas are assured to be very intense. These mostly appeal to all people who want to get in touch with a certain type of yoga. They are those who want to stay grounded with their physical body along with the traditional tools. This is an essential way for you to reach the enlightenment of your life.

The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

The Kundalini yoga is a pure yoga that offers its spectacular benefits:

  • Feel happier and healthier. You can also be more creative, relaxed and productive.
  • Transform relationships and life into more satisfied and more fulfilled aspect.
  • Boosts your energy level and lets you enjoy a physical level of energy and well-being.
  • Lets you Be More intuitive and Obtain the capability of Attracting More opportunities.
  • Embark for a more exciting and more fun journey towards self-discovery.

With Kundalini yoga, your mind and body will be opened to different sensations and experiences. You will learn more about other related concepts on cleansing the subconscious mind and the physical body.

Your awareness level will also be enhanced. And, you will be more aware of your feelings, thoughts, sensations and insights. Thus, you need to undergo on this Kundalini yoga for that life changing journey you most deserve to have.