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What Kids are Watching – Let’s Play Youtubers are Rising

Have you ever gone to a friend’s house and all they did was play a one-player game while you had to watch? Well, welcome to the world of Let’s Play (LP). This popular new genre of entertainment is defining the Youtube generation.


All the popular games on every game platform are featured somewhere on the web.


Stars like Joseph Garrett, AKA Stampylonghead, leads the Minecraft LP pack with a good natured approach to gameplay. Others, like his friends iBallisticSquid and CaptainSparklez, have huge following not only on Youtube but also Twitter, Facebook and sometimes Instagram.


One wonders how they have time to deal with everything. They most likely have a staff to help them because many of these teens and twenty-somethings have made millions and continue to pull in crazy numbers for advertising and sponsorship. While they are bound by Google’s terms and conditions not to reveal revenue, it’s fairly certain given what is known about ad dollars, that there’s big money to be had and these folks are hitting it nicely.


The guys mentioned above are sweet Youtubers and rarely swear. In fact, Stampy recently got his own kids show on YouTube called Wonder Quest. They feature Squid and Sparklez, and even Shay Carl.


The show is an outgrowth of Stampy’s Lovely World, the long running LP from Joseph. It’s a great show but there have been lots of Wonder Quest fails involving Stampy and closed captioning gone wrong on Youtube. In fact, Youtuber Review broke all sorts of silly stories about the NSFW fails.


The fail captions are almost more appropriate on some of the more foul mouthed Let’s Players. Vanoss Gaming, PewDiePie, Markiplier, Smosh Games and Yogscast, all have a fanbase that probably skew to the older crowd, though this audience probably doesn’t rate high on the maturity scale.


Those Youtubers are definitely not for kids. The language is on the college drunk level, which may end up accidentally attracting the younger crowd. After all, all little ones want to feel like an adult and hear all sorts of bad words.


Most of the channels show videos playing levels of games, achieving a task, or playing against someone (or something).


Many older adults just don’t get why it’s fun to watch others play video games. It does take someone that loves the game and simply wants to use that as entertainment. Some viewers have said that a particular Youtuber makes the same decisions that he would, so it makes it easier for him to just watch the Youtuber rather than play himself.


The generation growing up on the internet will never know a big network TV show. Even now, they consume more Youtube videos that television, according to research. There is no end in sight for these New Media superstars.


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