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What You Should Know about German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd puppies are amongst the most adorable dog pups in the world, but besides their cuteness, when they grow up they make great working dogs due to their high level of intelligence. This is the reason why a lot of people go for German Shepherd puppies when they decide to get a dog. They are the second most popular breed in the US.

However, in order for a pup to become a great guard or search and rescue working dog that listens to your commands, professional training is needed from a young age, somewhere between 9 and 16 weeks of age. Why? German Shepherd puppies are just like small children that need proper upbringing and nurturing so they turn into fine adults.


If you’re choosing dog adoption of German Shepherd puppies from a rescue facility, you’ll want to be sure they have training as well as the love and attention they deserve. Animals that come from an unwanted environment can be timid or have some type of behavioral problem that you would want to be corrected before taking them home. This is only natural when animals are not treated as part of the family.

This dog breed is famous for being playful, easy to train and highly intelligent, but as with any puppy, it requires a professional trainer that knows how to handle the job properly. A lot of German Shepherd puppy owners think that training their dog is easy and that they can do it themselves, however it requires a lot of time, expertise, consistent work and dedication to do it right.

A professional dog trainer understands the puppy’s special needs and natural instincts and knows how to work with him and “educate” the little fellow. They will teach your German Shepard puppy to follow obedience commands, so training is indeed a very important part of a dog’s life. If you’ve decided to look into German Shepherd puppies or dog adoptions (http://larascaninesolutions.com/services/breeding/) then it’s important to find a professional dog trainer that has the kind of experience you are seeking for a great outcome.