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Which brand of Phentermine?

Which is the best brand to buy? In theory, it really doesn’t matter which brand to use. That’s because each and every one of them utilizes the same active ingredient, with the exception of those which combine with topiramate. Most variations of the medication, however, are simply hydrochloride based. These medications come in several different brand names, like Adipex and Oby-Trim. Each of these are clearly marked with which dosage they are, and there are regulations in place to ensure that dosages of active ingredients react the same way regardless of brand.

Where can I buy Phentermine?

This popular weight loss drug is available at nearly every licensed pharmacy, but there’s a catch. It’s only available with a prescription. Prescriptions are not particularly difficult to get for those who need them, however it is only considered suitable for certain people with particular types of weight issues (for example, if your weight is caused by hormonal issues rather than over-eating then the drug is not for you). Those who are overweight and/or suffering from certain obesity related complaints can usually get a prescription from their doctor after a consultation and physical exam. So long as they don’t have certain health risks, they are usually allowed to try it at a small dose first. However, taking this medication for the long term could cause serious negative side effects, and you should discontinue use per your doctor’s recommendation.

What about buying Phentermine online?

If you’ve been looking for the weight loss drug online, the chances are you’ve seen many advertisements selling prescription weight loss drugs. Many of these ads claim you can buy it from them without a prescription. However, this isn’t at all safe, as it can have life threatening side effects and you must be consistently monitored by a licensed health care professional when taking it. There’s also a risk of becoming addicted, which makes buying illegally a door many should not open. Your doctor’s advice is best when it comes to drugs. That’s why it’s only available by prescription, legally. If you do decide to buy it online without a prescription, understand that it’s not simply your health you’re risking. As it’s illegal to buy without a prescription, you could go to jail if you get caught.

Why is it illegal to buy Phentermine without a prescription?

There are several good reasons, one is it’s classification as a Schedule IV drug. There are the obvious dangers to health. It’s known to have caused heart palpitations, coma, and even death. It’s also known to have moderate to fatal interactions with hundreds of other medications, some of them quite common. These are both good reasons for people to be under a doctor’s care while taking this drug. Finally, it can become addictive, which is particularly dangerous combined with the health risks it represents. Addicts may continue taking a drug even if they are experiencing dangerous side effects. So the law limits it to being dispensed with a prescription, and it limits the length of time and the dosage of the prescriptions doctors can grant. This helps to ensure patients don’t become addicted or endanger their health more than necessary.

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