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Why Commercial Pool Maintenance is an Absolute Must During the Winter

A swimming pool should not be neglected during the winter. You may have taken steps to winterize it, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it until next spring. Commercial pool maintenance is important to protect the investment of your pool. The better it’s maintained, the easier it will be to open it for use next summer.


Commercial pool maintenance begins with winterization. Ensure that you have used the proper chemicals to treat the water. Most people opt to cover up the pool with a pool cover. You should check regularly to ensure that your pool cover is secure. This keeps leaves and other plant debris from falling into the pool, as well as keeping small animals out.


Leaves and any other types of debris should be removed from the surface of the pool cover. Over time, this buildup can cause the cover to sag, and ultimately fail. You’ll then have a big mess to clean up once spring arrives. Removing debris promptly will also prevent the water from becoming contaminated, which will eliminate a messy cleanup job once summer arrives.


One of the main reasons why a pool may become damaged over the winter is from inclement weather. Winds can blow objects into the pool, trees can topple and land on the deck, and rain can have destructive effects on the finish of the pool.


Are the water blocks and bags still holding the cover down? Is your pool safety cover still in place and doing its job? These safety components should be securely holding the cover down to the deck. If any parts are missing or if there is any damage, then it will need to be repaired.


The pool’s water should be tested on a regular basis. Algae is one organism that likes to grow in pool water. Generally, that only happens when the water is over sixty degrees, but you can’t rule it out with other climates. Algae growth can erode the lining of the pool and the concrete or tiles you may have installed. If the algae levels are too high, an algaecide will be needed to treat the water.


Maintaining pool equipment is just as important as maintaining the pool itself. Check the pool pump, the pool filter (which may need to be cleaned or replaced), and the heater. If any of these items need maintenance, it should be done immediately. If you wait until the spring, then it might be more costly to fix because more damage may have occurred over time.


If you live in a climate where the winters are mild, you may have chosen to keep your pool open during the winter. However, the water should still be kept clean, tested periodically, and the pool strained of leaves and debris.


When your pool is not being used over the winter, once a month commercial pool maintenance is recommended.