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Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Think Twice about Obtaining Vacant Home Insurance

Moving from your current home to another home can be a very involved process. In most circumstances, a homeowner must sell their current home in order to purchase a new place of residence. However, sometimes the timeline for selling your current home and buying another does not go as planned. In some cases, homeowners may experience having to pay a mortgage for two different homes until they are able to secure a buyer for their previous home. In these instances, protecting an unoccupied home with vacant home insurance is an option homeowners should not think twice about doing.

Homes, whether occupied or unoccupied are always susceptible to damage or break-ins, but vacant homes are particularly targeted by intruders and trespassers because of the low-risk of being immediately noticed. When a home is empty and does not have residents coming and going throughout different times of the day, it easily becomes vulnerable to a variety of risks. Owning a vacant home can bear a heavy burden for some people, but with preventative measures and the proper insurance protection the risks of damage and theft are significantly minimized.


Damage due to vandalism, theft, or even natural causes can substantially impact the property value of your home. Not all types of damage can be prevented, but if you do not repair the damages your home will lose resell value on the housing market. Repairing damages to a home can be costly, but with vacant home insurance you can rest assured in knowing you have the necessary coverage to return your home to its original appearance.

Obtaining the proper insurance coverage for an unoccupied home can be confusing, so it is invaluable to speak with a provider and thoroughly discuss the options available to protect your home. Carefully consider the various types of risks you may experience before you are able to sell your home. These risks include, fire, mold, water damage, broken windows, graffiti, stolen appliances, etc. There are numerous ways a home can experience damage, but taking the necessary steps to be able to repair your home should not be avoided.

Protecting your home with vacant home insurance may seem costly as you run down the numbers for the different options of coverage, but the risks a vacant home faces far outweigh the cost of an insurance policy. If you currently own an unoccupied home and have not insured it with the proper coverage, you are putting the structure at risk of facing a loss in property value and additional costs to restore it. Would you rather have an unoccupied property that is in danger of being damaged, or is it worth your time and money to protect it? The risk is yours to take.