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With a Virtual Assistant

Ah, control freaks. I’m one. I wish to run and manage my very own business, doing everything myself, including my very own work and my clients’ work. I understand certainly one of nowadays I am going to need to surrender and bring in help to dedicate yourself me. I wish to… but I do not!

Shake on it

I understand fully what you are dealing with. It’s difficult to allow go and trust another person to behave right. In the end think it’s faster and simpler to complete everything ourselves, we’re restricting our growth because you will find only a lot of hrs per day and we’re most likely not focusing just as much time on revenue producing activities as you should be.

As I understand fully how it is enjoy being a control freak, I additionally know very well what it’s like from the virtual assistant‘s perspective.


One of several stuff that drives an online assistant nuts is really a control freak. Why? Since you often micromanage everything! Virtually to the stage in which you may as well just do-it-yourself. It is good to be aware what you would like and to possess a good knowledge of how things are done, but you need to develop some trust between both you and your va.

Your Veterans administration needs some room to breathe, some room to become creative, some room to provide suggestions or possibly an easy method to behave, and also to feel you have some quantity of rely upon him/her and theOrher capabilities. Should you simply don’t have confidence in them and things aren’t running smoothly, they aren’t the best Veterans administration for you personally. That trust is essential.

Micromanaging is not likely to help you save whenever. The objective of assigning would be to hands them back to another person to become done.

Would you constantly sign in on something being done, looking at and testing processes of all time even ready that you should take a look at?

That drives me batty! I am dirty yet! Obviously it appears funky. Obviously the opt-in is not completely functional yet. Obviously you did not get the email autoresponder message. Obviously the payment button is not connected yet. I am still focusing on it. Obviously the e-mail layout looks funny or you will find errors within the TEST email. I am testing it. Go possess a coffee and have a chill pill. I’ll inform you when I am done focusing on it and it is ready for the feedback!

What if you cannot let go and you have to make certain situations are completed in a really specific way?

Well, you will find some steps you can take. You may create step-by-step approaches for everything routine that should be done. This can be either written documents or screencast videos showing just how to complete the job, step-by-step. While it isn’t really relevant to all you are assigning, this really is helpful for teaching the Veterans administration new things, something routine that you would like completed in a really specific way, or something that’s specific for your business.

Better still is always to organize these into an Procedures and Methods manual. This may be a sizable document that consists of all the instructions for each process inside your business. For those who have produced screencast videos rather than documents for processes, you can the hyperlink towards the videos within the appropriate place.

Alternatively, you could have an Procedures and Methods folder in Dropbox or Google Drive that you could both access. Each process might have its very own document, folder, or video (for those who have plenty of storage) within that primary folder.

It requires some time for you to do, however, you just perform the documentation of every process once (unless of course the process changes). Then if tips over for your Veterans administration, a different one can part of and much more easily get in which the previous one ended. This can be a real timesaver for you personally over time. You are able to tell the Veterans administration the thing you need done and make reference to the particular document/video.

Since that’s done, you have to have the ability to believe in va to have the ability to follow instructions and finish the duties. In the beginning, once the relationship continues to be new, you will for sure wish to check on the job after to make certain that everything ended properly. But sooner or later you have to believe in va to complete the job.

Also, whenever your relationship is totally new, have your va test everything completely and watch for your approval before proceeding. This might be a e-newsletter or email broadcast, or possibly a web page. If they’re writing social networking content or blogs for you personally, ask them to give back the fabric first after which publish it when you approve. This will help you to find out if you will find any mistakes that should be remedied, and hopefully over time you’ll feel confident enough inside your Veterans administration to enable them to just proceed and send or publish the fabric by themselves, without needing to undergo you initially.

Your Veterans administration really wants to make you happy but additionally really wants to believe that you trust him/her and theOrher abilities. It may sometimes have a couple of several weeks inside a new Veterans administration/client relationship to sort out the kinks, for both of you to get involved with a great rhythm and develop trust between both of you, but for the Veterans administration to achieve a great knowledge of you, dislikes, and preferences. Provide a high probability to achieve success but, simultaneously, whether it’s simply not working, may possibly not function as the right pairing for you personally. Hire a professional virtual assistant here.