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Youngstown, Ohio


As Mahoning County’s seat, Youngstown is one of Ohio’s more developed metropolis. The city lies just ten miles from New York City, Chicago, and Pennsylvania state line. The city’s central metropolitan and industrial area rivals that of Greater Cleveland and the Pittsburgh Tri-State. Youngstown originally became a progressive and prosperous community because of its then thriving steel industry. Though the industry fell and rusted away, Youngstown is now known as the ninth largest city in Ohio.

Fast Facts

  • The city was named after an early settler named John Young, who hailed from New York’s Whitestown. Young established the area’s first gristmill and sawmill.
  • Youngstown is part of a region in the United States that has often been regarded as the Rust Belt. This is primarily because of its central role in the historical steel production.
  • When the nation’s steel industry declined during the seventies, Youngstown redefined itself.
  • Although most of the pioneer settlers relocated from Connecticut, Youngstown served as the home of a number of Scottish and Irish settlers.
  • Youngstown was once part of the Erie Canal, after the community’s discovery of coal.

Best Hotel Accommodations

Although it is generally more favorable to retire in a permanent home, Youngstown’s guests have an assortment of temporary lodging places to choose from. Quaint options include Hampton Inn, Country Inn & Suites, Red Roof Boardman, Comfort Inn, and Quality Inn. Among the options, go for Hampton Inn Youngstown West and Motel 6. Hampton Inn’s outdoor pool provides customers with a fresh break from a day’s worth of strolling. Don’t let the name of Motel 6 fool you, as it used to be under Ramada Inn. The rooms are spacious and surprisingly comfortable. Book your Youngstown Hotels with Reservations.com.

Things to Do

Youngstown doesn’t have much for tourists, save for beautiful parks and sceneries. If you’re in for some action, head to Downtown Youngstown, which is the center of it all. To start with, stroll through the 20th century skyscrapers and its classic skyline. Watch shows at the Covelli Centre, Oakland Center for the Arts, the DeYor Performing Arts Center, and the Powers Auditorium. Guests can also sample the endless dining opportunities, including nightly entertainment at upscale restaurants.


Youngstown has been the country’s third largest steel producing city in the twentieth century. It belonged to the same ranks as with Chicago and New York City. Even big name entertainers such as Frank Sinatra made it a point to stop by the city and offer a performance. Though the city has lost that industrial charm, Youngstown still has a lot of its beautiful parks and cultural institutions. It has emerged as one of families and retirees’ favorite places to live in. The rediscovery of the town led to the incorporation of hundreds of neighborhoods. Among the hundred, there exist a few favorites. Boulevard Park at the town’s southern side is a vintage and picturesque neighborhood. Its park-like setting and Buckeye trees has more than 200 homes. Nearby is Brownlee Woods, which is a favorite among those who prefer nearby shopping centers, restaurants, and grocery stores.