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Zen Health and Wellness

A Fast Preamble:

A short explanation of Zen is most likely what you want here, prior to getting in to the “meat-and-taters” of the items “Zen Health & Wellness” is about – here goes:

ZEN: a thing that (to some born-and-bred westerner much like me anyhow) appears very eastern, very mystical and certainly… peaceful..!?!

Well, really… its meaning incorporates all of the above plus much more… the nearest British translation from the concept of Zen would, so far as I will tell, be “contemplation” – however this is just ‘close’… the term Zen is actually, japan pronunciation of Chan, that is a subsequent Chinese translation of Dhyana, that is a Sandskrit term which means “Meditation”..phew… !

Cutting Towards The Chase:

So, ‘Zen’ itself can not be completely described in words since it is less an actual belief in something, but much more of an ‘Attitude’ or a means of existence… it describes your very own type of ‘enlightenment’ through meditation and can be used a significant pressure inside your method of your physical as well as your mental condition of Natural Health & Wellness..!

It’s, for several years, proven and well recorded that the short daily meditation session, ideally inside a ‘natural’ (Zen) atmosphere – I’ll get into more detail about this shortly – is very advantageous to some persons (your) health… it may:

• lower your stress and heartbeat

• reduce bloodstream pressure

• reduce bloodstream-sugar

• reduce discomfort

• enhance your stamina

• enhance your self-discipline

• enhance your self-confidence

… which raises our primary point – “Zen Health & Wellness” – exactly what this signifies for you personally and just how to suit it to your daily overall health regime…

Choose Your Time And Effort…

It’s entirely your personal choice – whatever matches your needs the very best… but keep in mind time you’ve to deal with in the various occasions during the day as well as the effect that meditation might have in your thoughts and the body.

It’s really an unusual mixture of effects… it’s soothing and centering, yet still time it may be very invigorating and energising, both physically and psychologically… so last factor during the night, right before you hit the sack, might not be the optimum time for meditation.

Personally, I’ve found I gain the finest take advantage of my meditations throughout the same period as my daily workout… first factor each morning – I exercise, relaxation some time after which meditate… the mixture is really a sure-fire way to get my mental and physical condition ready for anything your day cares to throw at me.

My theory is, I have fasted because I have been sleeping, so no excess food within the stomach to upset me… a little cold water towards the face, scrub the pearly-whites with something minty to get rid of the night-breath, glass of lukewarm water having a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and obtain into it.

I understand lots of people that approach everything at night and that i know a couple of that meditate midway through a full day… we are various different, so pick your time and effort and do it now..!

Choose Your Place…

This really is most likely probably the most difficult facets of the ‘Natural Zen’ way of using this method – a good “peaceful” space encircled naturally, especially if you reside in one today’s worlds’ glorious, noisy, smog and pollution-filled metropolitan areas…

… try not to despair, a minimum of grab yourself inside a private, comfortable space – in the end, you do not need a great deal – with a few outdoors flowing through it and you will be good.

Now me, I favor silence, or simply the sounds of nature… the wild birds, the wind, rustling leaves the sea etc… I am good with this – I recieve distracted effortlessly… yep, you shoulda seen my school reviews like a kid… !!

Others prefer some quiet music without anyone’s knowledge or perhaps specific meditation sounds or music that are offered on CD nowadays – whatever is the preference, as long as you are not pestered by distracting noise.

The important thing factor here is really: as natural as you possibly can…

Choose Your Apparel…

Again, as natural as you possibly can… loose, comfortable cotton, linen, silk or even the yoga pants and vests for you personally women – I am talking about, you will have you don’t need to tie yourself in uncomfortable knots while looking to get yourself into some kind of yoga position (I certainly can’t do this nowadays) but you have to be comfortable and have the ability to relax while transporting your may.

Whether it’s sufficiently warm, I put on comfortable sports shorts, a loose ‘T’ and my ft bear… whether it’s winter months, then comfortable sports footwear, track-suit bottoms along with a hoodie will it for me personally.

Choose The Right Path…

This will be significant, the right path of existence, for perfect Zen: be as natural as you can with everything else You Need To Do, Put on, USE or CONSUME…

Eat natural, wholesome, organic meals… use natural cottons, made of woll, silks etc., for the clothing, bedding and floors… your investment plastic along with other man-made furniture products – return to nature with beautiful wood and cloth.

Allow nature to become bigger a part of your existence – whether it is not already… open the home windows, choose uses the shore or among the hillsides and trees, or at best just escape in to the garden a little more – embrace as most of the “natural” aspects of your world as possible, every chance that you will get.

Choose Your Method…

Breathing I am talking about… the breathing method you utilize to relax and centering yourself for the meditations.

I am not really going to enter the large detail for your here because there are various choices and you would be best making your personal choice after determining which program or particular meditation method you want to follow…

Your Final Anecdote:

Natural health & Wellness Zen is about being in contact with nature and living a life-style that invites just as much nature and natural elements to your existence as possible possibly squeeze in – when and wherever you are able to… it’ll certainly possess a strong impact on your general mental and physical health… so what can often be wrong with this..?
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