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Apple iPhone 6S and the Original iPhone 6

Following the several weeks of anticipation, Apple have lately revealed its new sister towards the apple iphone 6: The inevitable apple iphone 6S. Searching almost just like its predecessor, we are here to have a look at what’s transformed inside and be it well worth the costly upgrade.


As pointed out, there is not a change whatsoever. The brand new apple iphone 6S is .01 inches thicker and one-half ounce heavier, but individuals are hardly noticeable. Both phones are 5.44 inches tall by 2.64 inches wide, and both have a 4.7 inch display having a 1,337 x 720 pixels resolution. The 2 products possess the usual earphone jacks, Lightning charger port, and legendary circular home button.

The brand new killer feature: three dimensional Touch

three dimensional Touch enables the consumer to press further directly into options, not waste time on clicking and opening an entire selection of ways to access applications featuring. For instance, Applications could be switched by simply pressing lower around the sides from the display.

Greatly enhanced cameras

The prior 8-megapixel cameras were fantastic, with increased pixels for added light. But Apple go full-scale again, growing the iSight camera to some huge 12-mega pixels. The very first time, customers are now able to record 4K video while using enhanced megapixel count.

The leading camera has additionally had upgrading, from the small 1.2-mega pixels to some better 5-mega pixels.

More recent Processor

The prior Apple A8 nick has been changed through the A9: Apple’s innovative nick up to now. This really is obviously expected. What’s new is how big the nick, more compact than normal that ought to hopefully have an optimistic effect on the device’s battery existence. GPU performance has enhanced to 90%, meaning their quickest apple iphone yet.

Enhanced Memory

Although remaining a secret, confirmations suggests the brand new apple iphone 6S storing an astonishing 2GB of RAM: a constantly important feature of those computer-mobile phones, permitting you to definitely run several programs at the same time without compromising on speed. This can be a huge step-up in the apple iphone 6’s more compact 1GB of RAM.

Storage Capabilities

This selection from the more recent model has not transformed whatsoever. Customers will have the ability to possess the usual options of 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. Choose sensibly based on your photo/video needs, and just how much music you would like using your iTunes.


If you are wanting to get hold of the unit with a far greater camera and also the new three dimensional Touch feature, you’ll be able to justify buying the brand new apple iphone 6S. Make sure you compare best wishes apple iphone 6S deals and select your considerations sensibly.
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