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Astigma Productions

We’re Astigma Productions, a team of web developers, designers, search engine optimizers, and markets all working together. From large corporation to local individuals, we’ve provided sports to clients all over the world. Our ability to identify weak areas and make improvements, leverage strengths, and push forward with new initiatives makes us an industry leader in ecommerce.

We believe a balanced mix of innovation and time-tested strategies is the winning combination when it comes to online retail. We value split testing and the insights it provides along with a vast experience in established and grounded principals that have been followed since the days of catalog sales.

Astigma Productions is also committed to furthering social and mobile commerce with new initiatives utilizing Facebook and Pinterest, and a mobile-first design strategy that places a great deal of importance on the rising mobile community. With emerging trends becoming more apparent, a primary focus recently has been omnichannel commerce, leveraging all available sales avenues into a single, consistent customer shopping experience.

From eBay to Amazon, Etsy to in-store, a clear and concise shopping experience is delivered to each and every customer. Backed behind a world-class fulfillment system, Astigma Productions provides the tools and resources manage everything from incoming purchase orders, stocking, picking and packing, shipping, and logistics. By partnering with Endicia, the leading online postage provider, Astigma Productions complete system is capped off with postage-paid labels and packages ready to be delivered even for the smallest of online sellers.

Long gone are the days of having to be an enterprise to get access to all the tools available. Now, the playing field is leveled allowing even part time and seasonal sales the access to tools once thought only available to the elite. The complete system isn’t just available for physical products that are shipped by courier, but even digital products that are download can be completely managed and maintained with a revolutionary ecommerce and content management system.