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Dealing with Baldness

Generally, whenever your hair begins to turn grey, it is simple to bring back your color with some easily bought products. However, with hair loss, you need to be more imaginative. Many men find out as they get older that their hair will lose it fullness or even totally fall out.  Some men are lucky enough to keep their hair well into their later years, but they are the exception.

The precise reason for male balding has not been discovered. We believe it has something to do with a mans sex hormones. So, before the miraculous cure arrives, you need to enjoy hair while you’ve still got it.

– The very first rule of balding: Don’t make use of comb-overs. It just does not look good, and the only person you are fooling in the end is yourself. Have a look at Rudy Giuliani, when he had his comb-over going on.

– Second rule of balding – If you start losing it, let it go.  If it bothers you, start buzzing your hair short to a level where it is not so obvious.  Just think of how little maintenance you will have to do.  Be free of the worry and accept it.

– Third rule of balding – Toupees and hairpieces never work. Ever!  A lady will easily notice you’re putting on a rug miles away, and she’ll view it as insecurity. Women laugh like hell at men who believe that they’re not able to tell it’s fake.

Ultimately, obtain a style that flatters your circumstances. For most men nowadays, shaving everything off is definitely an option. Some choose the “Captain Picard” look that Patrick Stewart sported, which some found to be sexy.

And when hair is something you aren’t prepared to lose, then think about using the medicinal supplements that exist over-the-counter. They can help to a limited extent. A last measure, you may also consider is surgery.  Some procedures today are effective, but consider each wisely.  The hair loss industry is massive and some are looking to profit off our insecurities.  In the end the best solution will be your acceptance.  Your hair is only a small part of you, that you really don’t need.  Don’t let your vanity make you unhappy.

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