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How a Dermatologist Can Make Your Skin Appear Ageless

One of the most important components of your body is your skin. Your skin is considered the largest organ of your body and serves as an outer protective covering. It protects your internal organs from unwanted particles that can affect their proper functioning. However, there are circumstances you cannot control that can cause your skin to deteriorate, such as aging. Acquiring assistance from a professional dermatologist will provide you with numerous solutions to preserve youthful skin. Consider the following procedures to make your skin appear ageless.

Cosmetic Fillers

Making use of cosmetic fillers was introduced to patients several years ago. Cosmetic fillers are substances that are injected into your skin to fill in the formation of wrinkles. Collagen is one of the initial fillers that was commonly used and is often the most popular option. Due to skin care advances, there are new products that can also be used for this procedure. Some newer options include, Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm.

Skin Rejuvenation System

Suffering from different skin problems such as, uneven skin tone, discoloration, sagging skin, wrinkles, and sun damage will require you to consider the skin rejuvenation system. Making use of SPF products, moisturizing, and hydrating your body is not enough for you to take care of your skin. If you have uneven skin tone then energy treatments that lighten your pigment are often more effective. This treatment also helps you get rid of sun spots and age spots.


Skin Tightening

Another beneficial option that will help you fight wrinkles and sagging skin is skin tightening. This procedure allows collagen production to increase. Heat is used to contract the skin making it appear tighter. Infrared light and RF energy enter your skin to heat up skin tissues. You can expect the results of this procedure to last for some time, so it will be years before you will need another treatment.

Chemical Peel

By using the chemical peel, your dead skin will be removed and will be replaced by new and healthier skin. After consulting with a dermatologist, they will determine which chemical solution will be used for the procedure to best suit your condition. Everyone has differing skin types and levels of sensitivity, so it is important for you to identify your skin type before you undergo any procedure. A chemical peel can help you improve rough skin, irregular skin pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun-damaged skin.

With numerous skin experts across the country, finding the right dermatologist in any city, including San Antonio, is possible. After completing your research, set an appointment to discuss the procedure before it is performed. Be sure to bring someone with you when having the procedure performed in case you experience any side effects after the treatment. The results of any skin care procedure may vary, but maintaining a youthful look is at your disposal with assistance from a professional and a daily home regimen.