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Insurance Board’s car insurance forum can help you save money

Just about every state in the United States requires drivers to take out car insurance.  Unfortunately, most people do not really understand their car insurance policy.  They make mistakes that can cost them money when they need to file a claim.


It is essential for you to understand the policy you have bought.  If you don’t appreciate all of the pieces of the policy, you likely will not get the best deal for your needs.  Take your time choosing a policy and ask lots of questions.  If you don’t feel you understand something and feel that you don’t want to ask your insurance agent put that question or concern on the car insurance forum at insuranceboards.com.  You will get comments and answers to your question that should help you better understand the policy or options that you are considering.


Take a look at the deductible, the amount of money you will be required to pay when making a claim.  This is an important issue you must decide:  how big should your deductible be?  The lower the deductible, the higher the amount you will pay each month in premiums.  If you choose a larger deductible your monthly premiums will be less.  Decide what you can afford, consider how often and why you have used car insurance in the past, then pick the policy that meets your needs while staying in budget.


Beware of extras in your policy that you feel you don’t really need or want.  These can unnecessarily increase the cost of the car insurance policy.  If you have easy access to a second car you probably do not need coverage for a rental car during repairs on your primary car.  Dropping those extras can be a way to make a good policy affordable.  Always cautiously review your policy to guarantee that you are not mistakenly paying for something you do not want or will never use.


Be careful about which company you go with for car insurance.  Look at whether the company you get home insurance from also offers car insurance.  Most insurance companies give wonderful deals when you purchase both home car insurance from them.  It makes it easier for you as well since you don’t have to work with multiple different insurance agents and companies.


If you are unsure about an insurance company or a specific type of car insurance policy plan post your questions on the car insurance forum and wait for the insurance discussion to begin.  You will likely hear both pros and cons about any company or plan you ask about.  Read each response with an open mind.  Consider if a problem another person posts could pertain to you, or not.  Everyone’s experience with a specific insurance company will be tempered by the actual people they deal with, including the insurance agent.  But if there are multiple poor experiences with a specific company or plan it could mean you should stay away from that company or plan.