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Let Magento 2 lead the way!


E-commerce is probably the most heard word if you are into some kind business. Yes, e-commerce is everywhere. It’s a fascinating thing indeed! Almost all the business owners are enthralled by the idea of e-commerce, and the potential it has. Have you ever wondered, how an e-commerce website is built? In this hustle-bustle of everyday life, people want simple, on-the-go solutions for their problems. There is no time to waste. So, how are these websites made? Obviously, they are not copied from another website with some modifications. Also, people don’t have the time to design an entire website from scratch. Then how?

Welcome to Magento

Ever since the concept of e-commerce emerged, developers from all around the world started working on an application (yes, that’s what they do) that could come in handy as a whole. Along with several other e-commerce platforms, Magento was born. Apart from web hosting services, Magento provides a fully-functional environment to configure an e-commerce site. Available in community and enterprise edition, the community edition is an open source platform. Both the editions have a similar set of core modules, only the number of functionalities differs.

Magento highlights

In a Magento based environment, the parameters are mostly pre-decided. Magento takes the effort to create a website, but the output is quite generic. Conversion of any form is not possible in Magento based developments, which ultimately leads to the decrease in sales. Thus, conversion focused Magento development is important. E-commerce platforms developed on Magento are scalable. There are loads of functions, but you will have to pay if you want to experience the advanced edition. In short, Magento is something you need if you are anywhere near an online based business.

Emergence of Magento 2

Magento was developed way back, to support the new businesses with e-commerce websites. Initially, just the basic implementation of Magento was considered more than enough, but things have changed a lot in the market. Apart from the advanced implementation of Magento, there is a need for some technology that is capable of revolutionizing the current standards. Magento 2 came into the picture. And now, everybody is talking about it.

Why is it better?

Magento 2 has all the fixes to its predecessor. No wonder, the services will be much improved than the previous ones. Shifting from the old platform to Magento 2 has several notable benefits. Performance factors and scalability options have been given much more priority here. The upgrades are now easy to understand, and the installation process has become simpler than before. The admin UI has been revamped to an extent – getting acquainted with the interface is easier than before. Magento2 has stressed on planning before heading onto the actual assignment.

Although Magento 2 is currently in the developmental phase, it is ready to be used across multiple platforms. It is just the beginning of something extraordinary. And, if you don’t want to miss these features in your next e-commerce website, make sure you contact the right people on time. But on a final note, for increasing the sales, migration to Magento 2 or developing new site in Magento 2 would be the appropriate solution.