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Why you should never save on sunglasses

Nowadays you can find sunglasses almost at every corner. They are sold at grocery stores, malls, street markets, and even gas stations. You can also buy them as cheap as for one dollar online. But why do we say that you should never opt for cheap sunglasses and buy qualitative designer eyewear only?

The first impression makes all the difference

It doesn’t matter whether you are an aspiring actor or are engaged in the industry where looks seem not to play any role. The first impression is crucial everywhere and for everyone. If you want to be considered a professional, a person who values his or her time, reputation and health, you need to always look good. Well, of course, we do not insist that you put on a tuxedo when you go grocery shopping, but you should obviously dress up in an appropriate way if you are going to a business meeting.

Now let’s imagine how a person with cheap and outdated eyewear looks. First of all, if the shape of your frame is outdated, you should be aware that you won’t look as attractive as you may be in reality in the eyes of other people. Secondly, if you wear cheap plastic frame, believe us, it is seen, and people will consider that you are poor, hence, unprofessional, who is unable to afford qualitative personal care products.

So, why brand-name eyewear is better again?

You may think that brand eyewear is expensive only because it has a well-known name on them but it’s only a part of the truth. Such brands as Vogue, Prada, and other high fashion brands value their reputation and would never sell you sunglasses or prescription glasses of inferior quality. Buying from a well-known reputable brand you can be sure that they used the best materials that will not lose its initial appearance after a month of use.

You can actually lose eyesight wearing cheap sunglasses

We kept this main argument for the desert. Yes, you can actually lose your vision if you opt for cheap plastic shades. The reason is that UV rays are very dangerous for our eyes. There are 2 types of UV rays: type A and type B. Type A damages the back part of your eye while type B damages the front part of it – cornea and the lens. You will not notice any changes in your vision instantly if you don’t wear polarized sunglasses, say, for a day. But over time, the accumulated exposure can result in macular degeneration, which is the main cause of vision deterioration in older people, cataract, pterygium, skin cancer, and corneal sunburn.

Plastic dark lenses cannot prevent the damage. Moreover, they can even contribute to more penetration of ultraviolet as they trick your pupils into widening in the dark without any protection and the eye absorbs even more UV than when you don’t wear any sunglasses. The only lenses that are able to stop UV rays penetration into your eyes are polarized lenses of the qualitative designer eyewear. Fortunately, today you can find genuine brand eyeglasses at online stores with impressive discounts. To get to one of such stores, check the link above.