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Phone PU Wallet Case For Elegant Women

When you are out, how does one put your mobile phone? For ladies, they are able to place the phones to their bags. However, it might be inconvenient sometimes. If there’s a simple transporting phone wallet, it’ll provide more conveniences. Only at that article, I’ll introduce a sweet and delightful designed phone PU Wallet Situation, that is appropriate for elegant women. And also the content concentrates on Designs and Applicability Features.

It features a dimension of 18.5*9.5*2.5cm, which works with the smartphones under 5.5 inches. I believe nearly all women prefer to make use of the smartphones with small size screens, which means this method is pretty appropriate for ladies. Besides, it’s lightweight. Less weight of 120 grams, it’s portable and simple transporting.

Furthermore, made from PU material, it appears textured. Pure metal and leather bag, it shows delicate and stylish. Besides, the buckle design provides a lengthy service existence. It possesses a removable high-finish metal lock having a strap, making certain the security use. At the base right corner from the front cover, there’s a paint high heel shoes, which looks sexy and delightful. I believe many women would really like this nice high heel shoes pattern. Aside from that, there’s two lines of paint words around the upper left corner from the front cover. There’s no any paint words or patterns around the back cover. Incidentally, it provides lots of vivid colors for options, including black, blue, pink, eco-friendly, crimson and orange.

Furthermore, it’s a large capacity phone situation that you could carry several things. Whenever you open it up, you’ll find that there are many slots, together with a phone slot, a photograph slot and many card slots. Certainly, place some cash in to the innermost layer. In most cases, it enables you to definitely put in the telephone, cards and a few money.

To summarize, this phone PU Wallet Situation includes a delicate and delightful design. Also it offers lots of nice colors for options. I especially such as the pink one, and i believe this is actually the pink princess design. Most significantly, it features a considerate style of practical metal lock.

For me, the product provides more conveniences when you are by helping cover their your phone. Especially when you are short journey or shopping, it shows the applicability. If you’re the elegant women, it might be your sensible choice!
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