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Smartphone Storage

When choosing your smartphone, you have to remember that storage is one essential feature that you should always, always consider. Because these days, phones are no longer just an accessory, it is a necessity. We use it for a bunch of things like capturing scenes (maybe crime scenes you’ve witnessed, videos you have to take) or if you’re an adventurer, capturing beautiful views during traveling and all that kind of stuff.  And don’t you know that smartphone applications uses high graphics requiring huge storage?

Due to some console games requiring high graphics, smartphone repair becomes in demand.  And with 64GB, your smartphone storage wouldn’t be enough. So you would still need a backup storage.  So, when iPhone 6 series came out on the market, it had iOs9 processor with 12MP and also came with 3D technology.

There are people who love to read books and since smartphone became our number one “can live without thing” in this world, you can now also read your fave books using your smartphone storage. And when it comes to watching videos, you can store it on your phone as long as you have enough storage of course. The problem with uploading all these movies, videos and files is that you wouldn’t have enough space for all of them, considering the fact that one movie may take 3 to 4 GB. So how many movies can you load with only 16 smartphone GB?

So, to avoid smartphone repair, consider deleting some of the old files you’ve got there. Delete movies or videos that you have already watched so that the next time you load more, you wouldn’t have any issue with storage.

If you were like me who’s very fond of selfies, I am pretty sure, your smartphone storage is also your big issue. I love taking pictures of just anything no matter where I go…..views of lovers holding hands, flowers blooming, cake my mom bakes for me….new fashion clothing I just bought …and all these fashion haul  I got? I don’t know what I would do without a storage!

But guess what? There’s one great news! With the new iPhone 7, you wouldn’t really have to worry about your smartphone storage anymore! The only problem is if you only need about 16 GB just like the iPhone 6 offers, you won’t need iPhone 7. But that’s still an advantage because iPhone 7 is not cheap! So, I don’t think it’s for everyone…at all….not even me I guess.

But if you’re a businessman or taking pics for business purposes…… (that’s exactly what I will be doing!) The iPhone 7 is definitely a MUST thing to have. But how about the people out there who just want to file up their fave movies on their phones or love downloading all these books and apps…..? If you’re one of them, you better prepare about $650…and mind you, this is only for the 32GB model! The one with more storage will cost you about a 100 bucks more! But hey, I want to end up this info with a good news…..at least, you can get it by installment with Apples installment plan….yup! $27 to $32/month isn’t that bad. And at least, you wouldn’t have to spend more on smartphone repair service just because your storage is full!!!